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Your Selection Guide for Boat Propellers

Now there are two main factors that needs to be considered when choosing for a good boat propeller, one is the size of the propeller and the other one is the horsepower of the boat engine. These two main factor plays an important role in providing an optimum boat performance as well as fuel efficiency of the engine. However, there are also other important factors to consider in selection a good boat propeller, we have the size, pitch, number of blades of the propeller, and what material the propeller is made of.

When it comes to size it really meant for the diameter, now the diameter and the pitch like I said they are also important. The diameter is measure by the circle of the propeller when rotating and for the pitch it is the distance the boat is pushed for each rotation of the propeller. To get the best guide for the diameter of the propeller make sure to check the specification provided by the manufacture of the engine of the boat. In case you cannot find the specifications, boat dealers should be able to provide you some advice about the diameter and the pitch for the propeller.

The next factor you might want to consider is the number of blades the propeller has. Most commonly propellers have three to four blades. Considering the propeller that has four blades allows it to move faster, and has great acceleration, has also higher transom height and has better holding power. With that in mind a three propeller boat can be changed into four propeller to reduce the pitch of the boat. Thickness of the blades is also a major consideration. The propeller should be thin enough to reduce drag and relatively it must also have the necessary thickness for additional strength.

Now the best way to determine your choice of propeller is by looking at the goal you want to have for your boat. Know this well the propeller should fit to the purpose of the use of the boat. Slow boats, speed boats, tow boats, fishing boats and all other different kinds of boats. It is very important to determine the overall purpose of the boat when choosing for a propeller. And if the purpose of the boat will be changed the propeller should also be change with a more suitable propeller. You can check out Propeller Depot to discover more about the best propeller for your boat.

And lastly, the brand of the propeller is also an important factor. Opt for propeller brands that can fit to all brands of engine. And always look for brands that have warranties with it. Some provide lifetime blade warranties and others have limited time warranties. So be sure to pick the best for you. Discover the future of boats by clicking here:

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